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Oohlala  Sushi Chefs!

Are you wondering how to celebrate your kids next birthday?  or looking for unique party idea? An Oohlala Sushi Chefs party!  That’s the answer

Oohlala Value Packages

• Oohlala Luxury
• Oohlala Delux
• Oohlala Supreme
For information and prices on the above packages for 8 or more kids, click on the box in the Contact form and submit.

Oohlala Sushi Chefs

Whether they are boys or girls, they will love the idea of being  a sushi chefs for the day!

We bring All the furniture, the equipment, and ingredients needed for making the sushi. Each kid will get a Chef’s apron and hat to wear for the duration of the  party.

What has not been eaten, will be going home in a beautiful Sushi Box that was also made by themselves.

Definitely a party to remember!

Treatments, Activities and Party Extras

Treatments to choose from

A variety of treatments, to suit any age and preference


The facial include cleanse, soft scrub, mask and moisturize. Honeybush the product that we use is a natural product and 100% suitable for the younger skin. We educate the girls in a fun way, how to take care of their skin.


The pedi include a soak, soft scrub, foot and nail grooming, painting of the nails with a variety of colours to choose from.


The mani include a soak, soft scrub, hand and nail grooming, painting of the nails with a variety of colours to choose from and dried off with a nail dryer

Make Up

Glamour and glitter for the girls! We offer anything from the standard fancy make up to specific themed make up to suit the party theme.

Hair Styling

A wow effect with a fancy hairstyle for the day.


Get really spoiled with a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage.

Fashion Show

Each girl / boy bring their own dress / outfit . We provide accessories such as feathers, sunglasses, bags, hats, etc. and the team will dolly them up and announce each of them as they have their moment of fame on the runner we provide for the show!


Jewellery Tattoos

• A stand with jewellery tattoos, and the girls apply it to each other
• An activity to keep them entertained whilst not busy with a treatment


Selfie Stand

A stand with the Oohlala Banner as backdrop and a box with accessories such as handbags, sunglasses, feather boas, etc. The girls “dress” themselves and take selfies


Party Extras

We can be your One -Stop -Shop and provide all the extras to make your life easier!

Party in a Box

Your complete Party in a Box
Table Cloth, Paper Plates, Cutlery, Serviettes, Gift for every kid, table décor in your colour scheme , Happy Birthday sign.
Different Colour schemes available: Pink & Black , Pink , Blue , Yellow, Red , etc.

DIY Pamper Baskets

Do It Yourself Pamper Party in real Oohlala Style Pamper Basket delivered at your door… and yours to keep!
DIY Pamper Baskets are packed with care and fully equipped to roll out any treatment in Oohlala Style without rushing from shop to shop to make it happen
No Rush, No Fuss, Just open the basket and spoil them!

Yummy in a Box

Your complete Candy Buffet in a Box
Different candy containers and displays , cupcake stand, all the candy and snacks to fill up the containers and displays, happy birthday sign as a back drop, etc.

Oohlala Shop

Oohlala Gowns

Oohlala Towels

Sushi Chef Apron and Hat

T & C: Eight or more girls , minimum of two treatments each. Less than eight girls, minimum of three treatments each